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The Company EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT
Conducts scientific research in the field of reconstruction of compressor stations on the following issues:

  • technical requirements for upgrading GCP;

  • requirements for the purposes of GCP;

  • design requirements for GCP;

  • reliability requirements for GCP;

  • requirements for ease of maintenance and repairing for GCP;

  • economic requirements;

  • environmental requirements;

  • completeness;

  • requirements for preservation, packaging, transportation and storage;

  • safety requirements;

  • requirements for the reconstruction of power-generating equipment of GCP (unit level) etc.

Conduction of scientific research necessarily includes providing of the Customer with the project specifications for the reconstruction of compressor stations, we inform and advise the Customer on the following issues:

  • on expediency of reconstruction of gas transmission network;

  • needs of gas transmission network in gas compressor units and engine blocks, as well as replacement parts for gas turbine engines;

  • on reliable and environmental characteristic of gas turbine engines;

  • on technical and economic expediency of involving third party borrowings into the field of gas turbines construction.

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