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EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT presents,
the following types of equipment for the oil-and-gas system


Gas compressor units and turbo-compressor units
Dust collector blocks
Gas treatment units of fuel, starting, and impulsive gas
Inlet separator installations
Fine gas cleaning separators blocks
Separator filters blocks
Air cooler units
Interchangeable bladings
Acceptance-launch of cleaning devices units
Cylindrical capacity tanks for gas and liquid medium
King-size stamp-welded formed parts

The biggest part of this equipment is gas compressor units (GCU).
The company’s experts designed more than 100 models of gas compressor units with gas-turbine drives of ship and aircraft type with the power of 4; 6.3; 8; 10; 16 to 25 MW, and with the electric drive of 1,0-6,3 MW power. Over 2,100 of these units successfully operate in Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Turkey, and other countries.

The company developed a number of new versions of GCUs based on ship engines and aircraft engines of the latest generation, providing effective performance efficiency that equal to 34-35,5%. In the long term we are planning to master the drives with complex work cycle that will increase the performance efficiency up to 43-45%.

The company supplies compressor stations on the basis of GCU for the following purposes:

  • petroleum gas compression at gas-lift oil extraction; 

  • natural gas transportation,  collection and transportation of associated petroleum gas; 

  • compression of associated gas in gas plants technology; 

  • gas injection in the gas condensate fields development with the use of cycling process. 

The largest line compressor stations of such pipelines as Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod, Urengoy - Centr Yamburg - Eletz, providing an uninterrupted supply of gas to the central regions of Russia, Ukraine and Western Europe, were built with the use of plants of 16 MW power.

Along with the compressor stations and GCUs we offer a wide range of other products for different purposes of the oil-and-gas industry. The enterprises of oil industry are supplied with ready-to-operate equipment for installations of LNG processing of gas condensate fields, as well as with the well servicing and stimulation units AK-60, mud cleaners, and pressure maintaining pumps during oil production engineering.

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