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EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT presents,
the following types of equipment for gas transportation system


Gas compressor units
Compressor units
Gas-turbine electric power stations
LNG processing systems
Waste heat exchanger

They are intended to compress and transport natural gas with the specified process parameters on the line compressor stations of trunk pipelines, booster compressor stations (BCS) and underground gas storage stations of (UGS).

We supply compressor stations with the following characteristics:

  • GCU with 4.0 MW-power gas turbine drive

  • GCU with 6.3 MW-power gas turbine drive

  • GCU with 8.0 MW-power gas turbine drive

  • GCU with 10.0 MW-power gas turbine drive

  • GCU with 16.0 MW-power gas turbine drive

  • GCU with 25.0 MW-power gas turbine drive

  • GCU with 6.3 MV-power electric drive

The main advantages of the units:

  • high efficiency and reliability;

  • compliance with current environmental requirements;

  • possibility to operate in all climatic zones at ambient temperatures from -55° to +45°C;

  • complete factory readiness of blocks supplied to the compressor stations;

  • full automation of the units;

  • high maintainability of blocks and components in the field;

  • possibility to equip at customer’s request with heat exchangers, as well as with the additional systems and devices (heating, ventilation, etc.), for easy operation.

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