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EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT presents the,
following types of piston compressor equipment


For oil refining industry
For compression of natural gas and associated petroleum gas
For autogas filling stations
For obtaining liquefied gases
For manufacture of polyethylene
For manufacture of mineral fertilizers
Air compressor plants
Gas pumping unit with a gas-powered driver
Biogas compressor
Mobile compressor units

The first high power compressor with the capacity of 10 000 m3 per hour at a pressure of 300 atmospheres was released in 1933 by a partner copany for Bereznikovsky chemical plant. In 1949 the first powerful horizontal compressor 1G-166/320 was developed. Piston compressors of high and ultrahigh pressure are used for manufacture of mineral fertilizers, for obtaining polyethylene by means of high pressure, for compressing natural gas and associated petroleum gas, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium, in the petrochemical and metallurgical industries.

The company experts have mastered the manufacture of a number of general-purpose compressors, special compressors of low power for the needs of various industries, as well as screw compressors for industrial refrigeration plants.
The company produces mobile compressor units intended to supply drilling rigs and other mechanisms with compressed air. Units are completely autonomous and adapted to the multimodal transport: by road, rail, water and air. Great reliability and durability, ease of management and maintenance of all systems make them irreplaceable during work in the field.

All available compressors have automated system of monitoring, control and protection, ensuring the control over key parameters, warning alarm and emergency alarm, the lock of the drive engine.

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