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The main services of the Company EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT are as following:

  • the development, design, production, coordination of design documentation with the Сustomer and after-sales service of gas turbine engines for seacraft, power generation and gas-pumping units on the basis of gas turbine engines;

  • supply of equipment to any region and solving questions concerning the logistics: transportation, customs clearance , etc.;

  • installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment;

  • repair and supply of spare parts required for operation and for upgrade of previously sold units, which are constantly improving;

  • assistance in all types of work at production facility - operation, maintenance, modernization and repair of equipment, including a GTE aggregate replacement;

  • providing the Customer with technical, operational, informational and any other documentation related to the use of gas turbine products, consulting concerning the effective operation and maintenance;

  • raining of staff engaged in the servicing of gas turbine products with the aim of acquisition of special knowledge and practical work skills;

  • resolving of any technical, contractual, warranty and other issues that may arise between the production facility and the Customer; services of diagnosing the condition, maintenance and repair of gas turbine engines;

  • Customer training and provision of technical documentation, including electronic media;

  • providing with special tooling and equipment for monitoring of condition and maintenance of gas turbines plants.

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