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Company EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT presents,
the following types of equipment for nuclear power stations


Condensate pump
Feed water pumps
Spesial-purpose pumps
Cradle-mounted pumps

We supply pumps made by PAO “Sumskoye NPO n.a. M.V. Frunze". This equipment is used at nuclear power plants in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, India and other countries. First pumps were manufactured in 1981.
The pumps are manufactured in special production departments, in full compliance with the rules and standards of nuclear power safety, these pumps are subject to strict technical control and bench testing. Total service life of the equipment is at least 30 years.

The Company manufactures feed water pumps, first and second stage condensate pumps, charging pumps of primary circuit system and boric acid control, emergency feed water pumps, fire-fighting system pumps, etc. Moreover, the Company manufactures large-sized centrifugal and axial pumps for cooling technical water supply.
Total amount of standard sizes of pumping equipment for NPP manufactured at the Company is more than 90 items.

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