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Business Consulting from "EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT"

  • working-out of directions and priorities for  strategic development of the Customer’s facility;

  • formation of market strategies, long-term programs for development of facilities, development of new products and services, modernization of  the Customer’s operation base;

  • assistance in the management of the Customer’s free financial resources;

  • asset management at security market in countries with jurisdictions specified by the Customer;

  • raise funds for development, including the organization of production and placement of securities;

  • assistance in the organization of new activities and the implementation of investment projects, the purchase and joining of new facilities in the countries with jurisdictions specified by the Customer;

  • performing of techno-economic studies and investment projects examination, preparation of techno-economic feasibility and business plan;

  • assistance in arranging of project financing, attracting strategic and portfolio investors for projects specified by the Customer;   

  • development of mechanisms for participants interaction in the management of the investment project;  

  • ensuring control by the Customer for the use of invested funds;   

  • assistance during purchase of facilities specified by the Customer;

  • search for facilities which meet the specified requirements of the customer;

  • comprehensive research and evaluation of facilities matching the requirements specified by the Customer, development of schemes of their purchase;

  • purchase of facilities by order of the Customer, including privatization tenders;

  • development and construction of the most appropriate ownership scheme of the Customer’s investment facility;

  • development of strategies and holding meetings of shareholders (participants, founders) by order of the Customer;    

  • management of the Customer’s investment facility at level of senior management and executive bodies by order of the Customer;  

Information and consultaion compulsory involve provision of recommendations to the Customer concerning improvement and organization of its work under the subject of consultation.

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