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     EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT

is a company which operates in the market of equipment for the gas industry. Constanly developing and expanding its activities, the company «EuroTransGaz Corporation Kft» uses only the best equipment and innovative technologies for the gas industry, which is actively applied at the largest gas fields in the world.
We supply equipment to any region and offer the entire list of services concerning the logistics: transportation, customs clearance and other issues related to the supply of equipment.
We also provide a range of services related to the installation, design and commissioning of the supplied equipment, followed by timely servicing.

During cooperation with numerous partners and customers, the company «EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT» provides the Customer with the necessary technical, maintenance, informational and any other documentation related to the use of gas turbine products, as well as consulting concerning the effective operation and maintenance.

When it comes to equipment of a gas field, the priority choice is always for the company «EuroTransGaz Corporation Kft», because, first of all, it is the quality, reliability and durability.

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Up to present time, the Company «EuroTransGaz Corporation KFT" has made a lot of work , which includes the development, design, manufacture  of gas equipment, coordination of design documentation and after-sales service of gas turbine engines for sea ​​craft , power generation and gas-pumping units on the basis of gas turbine engines.

All equipment for the gas industry which is designed and made by partners of our company is reliable and comfortable. All products are manufactured according to the technical standards, the relevant state standards and have the necessary certificates and permits.

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